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I've been binging... it's sooo worthy!

Have you seen the HGTV series The Home Edit?

Well, I recently stumbled upon this highly addictive show and I binged every episode.

It is so worthy! Two obsessively organized & witty Nashville besties, Clea and Joanna, go into the homes of celebrities and everyday people alike and literally transform their lives.

I honestly sat in front of the TV with my laptop

and ordered a large assortment of the clear bins!

Organization is much more than the placement of objects. For many people the clutter & lack of organization becomes so overwhelming they can't function mentally or physically, and it becomes paralyzing. For others, it satisfies their organizational OCD to a level of sheer giddiness, or it simply fulfills someone's joy to see all of their pretty things perfectly presented.

Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Organization is so important, it brings efficiency, order and overall peace and serenity to a home. I was so inspired by this show that I decided to do a feature on ORGANIZATION. Or as I really like to call it "interior" decorating. Because it truly is an inside design job, plus it just sets this project up for a lot more fun, and the results are worthy of the title.

"First, Clear Everything Out — We Mean Everything. The biggest organizing mistake most of us make is thinking we can organize our kitchen without taking everything off the shelves. "Once everything is out, you can see what you have, check the expiration dates, toss anything old, and combine any duplicates," they said. Use this process as a way to take stock of what you’re throwing away and maybe shouldn’t buy again. They recommend doing a "mini-edit" every week to stay on top of the waste. Clea & Joanna, Founders, Home Edit

As a realtor and home enthusiast I get questions all the time about the form & function of a home. Not everyone can see beyond the clutter, layout and the potential of the spaces within the walls of a house, so I want to continue these conversations and provide fun and inspirational solutions to these burning questions.

I DON'T... Only If...

I hear "kitchen ifs" all of the time... "If my kitchen was bigger I would enjoy cooking…" If, if, if.

I've lost count of how many times I've heard people say they don't enjoy cooking, or avoid it altogether, simply because of the limited space or layout of the kitchen.

Well, I'm here to tell you that most of the time it's about the organization, or lack thereof, and once it's addressed it will change the way you feel and live. So each week we're going to tackle a "different station", as the ladies like to label them.

We will be setting up dedicated areas in your kitchen and then organizing within these spaces for ease, efficiency, and beauty. Yes, organization can be quite glamorous. Trust me, after you're finished you'll be pouring yourself a glass of wine and obsessively staring at your masterpiece.

So, Are You With Me?

Let's get organized so you can get cooking, and more importantly, enjoy every minute of it?



Adapt these organization solutions to fit your lifestyle and day-to-day routine.

This week I wanted to start with something fun and indulgent ~ a coffee station for the Domestic Barista. We'll be covering a central beverage station in the near future, but while you're working through your coffee bar, also consider the parameters of the beverage bar.

If you have kids you know that their appetite for drinks and snacks can be insatiable, so we're going to create a hub in the kitchen that's conveniently located (not in the midst of where you're cooking, etc., but preferably on the outskirts of the kitchen), and where drinks & snacks are orderly and easily accessible. This will also help equip your kids with great organizational skills (and maybe you can finally fire your cleaning lady).

Remember, this is all about fun, function, convenience & organization that enhances your lifestyle... and it's truly a bit of luxury. See for yourself. Whether your planning a kitchen design or you simply want to do an organizational kitchen "gut" this is a great place to start conceptualizing & organizing.

This luxurious slice of heaven is by the coffee bar originator @MarthaStewart


Before you start, assess your space and observe even the unseen spaces and maximize them to their fullest potential. Focus on grouping like items together, using containers, baskets and dividers, and customize each designated area. Add labels for quick identification in order to reduce the risk of disarray due to rummaging. Remember, the goal is to set up a system that will be intuitive and easy to maintain.

Elements of a Coffee Bar

Take inventory of everything you will need for that perfect cup of coffee or hot beverage all in one place: coffee maker & machines, instant hot pot, French press, teapot, and electric grinder in one space. And then move on to the assortment of cups and plates on the surrounding shelves or in the cabinets, as well as flatware, etc. Then onto organizing the goodies like coffee beans, filters, assorted teas and stored them in clear bins, decorative jars, baskets, etc. The same thing goes for condiments: Sugars, Syrups, Cinnamons, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Creamers, etc. Remember, this goes beyond just organization, give this space character and make it a swoon-worthy jewel.

Plan the placement of appliances and larger items and then storage options for the rest. Home Edit has an over-abundance of ideas for storage.

  • Clear Bins: Stackable, Stack-in-Stack, Carousel

  • Baskets

  • Pretty jars, urns & decorative bowls

  • Labels

  • Rack / Shelving

  • Framed Inspirational quotes, photos, etc.

  • Vintage items

Let Them Eat Cake & Muffins & Cookies...

Coffee needs a trusty companion. A coffee bar isn't complete without scrumptious baked goods like Nutella Swirled Banana Muffins or a Super Moist Marble Bundt Cake tempting you through a beautiful cloched glass pedestal.

We're calling this the caffeinated farmhouse station,

from our Texas neighbor @thecozyfarmhouse

Now, this is a statement piece clad in navy & gold from @stofferhome

So, tell me... what are your thoughts?

Did you binge Home Edit too?

Did this inspire you to rethink your space and get organized?

I would love to hear from you.

simply wishing you all the best, ALWAYS,

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Dana Hendrickson
Dana Hendrickson
Apr 07, 2022

Hooked! Big Time 🌼 Love The Home Edit... and your content!❤️

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