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4 Must-Have Items to Enhance Your Self Care Routine

To care for yourself means to nurture and grow your own self-love. Self-love is the breeding ground for healthy relationships, vital bodies, and spiritual richness. Without a routine, we can forget to give our minds and bodies the attention it needs to thrive. Self care is more than just a hot bath or getting a massage. Instead, think of it as performing acts of service for yourself.

There are key items that you can apply to your self care routine to elevate your quality of life. Let’s go over a couple and why developing a routine around your pleasure can help you grow as a person.

Self Care Tips For Everyone

There are a few self care tips that everyone should know. First, taking care of yourself involves creating more space in your life to feel good. Why is feeling good so important? By entering into a deeply relaxed state with the intention to grow virtuous qualities, you will nurture your capacity to give from a full cup. It is not by any means self-indulgent, as some people on the outside looking in may perceive it to be.

The truth is the better we feel in our minds, bodies, and hearts, the greater the positive impact we have on our loved ones. Here are a few tips to keep in mind!

  • Tip #1: Get crystal clear on that you-time is a sacred time you deserve to carve out. It is not selfish, it is compassionate.

  • Tip #2: Whatever act of loving-kindness you choose for yourself, remove external distractions. Turn off your phone and tell your family you’re busy for the designated time.

  • Tip #3: Please the senses. Play relaxing music, turn on incense, and sink into the experience. Delicious smells and smooth auditory vibrations are easy ways to create a beautiful space for yourself.

4 Self Care Items To Enhance Your Quality of Life

Now that we’ve named some tips, let’s take a closer look at some self care items that are sure to enhance your life. Not to mention, they’ll take your self care routine to a whole new level.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

As we learned earlier, self-care is a time to relax and please the senses. Investing in an essential oil diffuser allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere and clear your sinuses instantly.

Most diffusers work with 100% essential oils and run quietly for up to 6 hours. Some have different lights that can also serve as a night light while you sleep.

2. Hand-Poured Soy Candles

Not every candle is made alike. Soy candles are naturally biodegradable, meaning their disposal is safe for the environment, and any accidental spills are easy to clean up. Moreover, they burn cooler and for much longer than wax candles.

The best part about Simply Marwah Hand-Poured Soy Candles is that as they burn, a body-hydrating oil is created to enhance your skin health. It’s functional, fun, delightful, and very pleasurable. There are 3 different scented candles, all with healing herbs, priced at $32 and delivered to your doorstep.

  • Eucalyptus, Mint, and Rosemary 8.5oz

  • Lavender, Sage, Mint, and Basil 8.5 oz

  • Lemongrass, Basil, and Peppermint 8.5 oz

This is a sure way to indulge all your senses. Connecting with the flame will help you create a sacred space for yourself to journal, meditate, or give yourself a massage.

All in all, there’s no wrong way to do self care. The point is to awaken your pleasure in a relaxing, easeful environment.

3. Cozy and Stylish Wrap or Throw

A wrap or throw is a multi-use fashionable, lightweight blanket. When you want to disconnect from the world, a way to do this is to wrap yourself in a special blanket. It’s no wonder children have special blankies, right? By covering yourself in beautiful, warm, natural fabric, you bring in feelings of safety.

Check out this Oversized Herringbone Pashmina made of a merino wool blend. The color pink invokes the qualities of the divine feminine: nurturing, soft, graceful, vulnerable, and cooperative.

What makes this blanket extra special is that it can also be used to wear outside! So, on days when you need extra love, you can throw on this wrap/throw and bring with you coziness wherever you go.

Why is this considered self-care? Well, by establishing a relaxing relationship with your special blanket, wearing it outside instantly acts as a shield of protection. Now that’s a life hack!

4. Healing Crystals

Natural gemstones that grow from this Earth have healing properties as they contain some of the highest frequencies. You can meditate with crystals, place them around your home, wear them, and receive their subtle yet powerful vibrations.

The next time you bathe, practice yoga, journal, meditate, sing, cook, do a facial, or any other act of self-care, bring a crystal with you.

The bigger the crystal, the stronger its vibration. Check out Simply Marwah Amethyst Geode imported from Brazil. Amethyst is a purple crystal that energy workers use to help with insomnia, balance mood swings, dissolve negativity, and open up intuition. Therefore, placing it in your bedroom is an easy way to receive its beauty and power.

Level Up Your Self Care With Simply Marwah

Home is more than a place – it’s a feeling. Through self care, we get to grow our love for ourselves and share it with the people we cherish. At Simply Marwah, we care about helping people create spaces for themselves where their self care routine can flourish. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, start shopping today!

We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us today!


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